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  Magic of Donavan
  Magic of Donavan
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Magic of Donavan

The excitement immediately builds the moment Donavan arrives on stage. Whether it be a Fortune 500 company or the Auis Ten Bosch Hotel Theme park in Japan, Donavan astonishes his audiences with his masterful illusions. He has delighted audiences from large companies such as The Magic Castle in Hollywood California, the Opryland Amusement Park in Nashville Tennessee, The Great American Insurance Company and Hillenbrandt Industries to more exclusive venues like casinos, cruise ships and festivals.

Donavan’s excellence is recognized not only by his audience while on stage but also by having been invited to join the same prestigious organization that Harry Blackstone belonged, CAMAS (Cincinnati Academy of Magic and Allied Science). His magic is uniquely his own since he specializes in creating new, never before seen illusions that have even baffled the masters. 

Donavan has never been satisfied with performing common magical illusions. Early in his career he featured primarily illusions with doves and skilled manipulation but he quickly grew by studying the famed course developed by Maestro Chavez. Now he uses his limitless imagination to envision, design and build his own one-of-a-kind illusions to perform the impossible.